• Experiments - muxed mediums
    Emulating sort algorithms in the real world--as light, muxing metaphor and literal meaning.
  • new expressiver scaffolding
    Our network software is a meshed series of APIs, spaghetti noodles of connections. Their linkage, the framing of those connected services, now demanding new models for play.
  • everything is embedded
    Our cities and towns as boardgames and the Internet of things as the playing pieces. Websites aren't enough to remain relevant, nor is a facebook page, but what connects the two is in great demand!
  • emerging emotives
    kowloon city as inspiration for innovation and our emerging digital expressions. Its no unified field but it is defining its own set of rules of engagement, triads included.

Appfrabic to Intertubes, net expressions.

Enabling change rapidly in small, and large sprints

From creating sense driven interactions with Arduino to experience publishing models, we’re looking at what’s nearly new yet incubating–new channels that are waiting for ideas to accelerate their adoption.

Expressive design has become an expansive landscape with an internet based on movement and things taking a firm hold of our expectations and innovation. We’re incubating new models for social interaction and behavioural change–with software.


this is soloyoyo

expressive technology design